Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Caitlin & Ryan

So I'm pretty behind on all my photos editing, not to mention my blog posting! I'm still trying to get settled from this move and boy is it tough to move across Country! But enough whining!

I wanted to post a few pics from my cousin Ryan and his beautiful wife Cait's wedding which they thankfully allowed me to shoot! I know they are waiting patiently for me to edit the many, many photos we took so I wanted to get a few up here for them.

We shot in Oshawa on a very green golf course(which they always are and should be) and what a perfect day it was! Until it rained!! That put a damper on some shots I had planned out but thankfully it cleared up quickly and we were able to get a few more in before the dinner began.
It's all good though cuz you gotta love those overcast skies! Beats squinting in the sun anyday!

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Bekky, the unbloggy said...

Beautiful pictures jody!

so happy i could shadow you that day :)