Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's Time! Tomorrow morning the moving truck will arrive and all my belongings will be on their way to the west! I'm in quite a state of shock and I think between being overwhelmed and overtired and overloaded and....all those things, that It hasn't really hit me that I have to leave my Ontario life after 30 day I hope to be back in a home out here, but for now I will have to settle for visits every few months to be with the fam and get some photography work done.
So since my beloved mac will be indisposed for the next week or so as it travels with our movers, I decided I would post a few pics of one of my last shoots. One of my all time fave places to do family portraits is Rockwood Conservation Area, I'm crazy over old architecture and ruins and historic places and the crumbling mill here hidden in between trees and lakes and campers is just the kinda place I always look for. So I thought it would be great to get in one more visit before I live 1500 miles away instead of 15 minutes.
So this is Jane and her mommy Mary and I promised her a baby shoot as a shower gift and it only took us just over a year to finally get it together! But I'm glad because this is definately a face I had to capture!


Andrea said...

So Cute and happy! Great work Jody!

Aunt Jan said...

Take care Jody. I know you will have some great adventures. Love Aunt Jan

jan said...

We are planning a trip to Calgary in the near futute. We'd love to see you when we are out there.

JAC Photography said...

Thanks guys!

For sure I would love a visit when you are out here!! Its been a long time!!!