Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Olson Family

A very kind friend of mine, Meghann Clements (check out her awesome biz here!) recommended this gorgeous family to me. They were 23 of them in total and it was so fun to see how much they care for each other and the silliness between the adults and kids. Totally awesome time.

The gang wanted to try out the abandoned farm they had seen in a previous blog post of mine and it was such a good choice! The hawk that kept threatening us overhead about it's nest somewhere around was a little intimidating but I made it through! lol, it was a great time had by all and I sure hope it's apparent in these shots!

Enjoy the sneak!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sariah & Zacky....continued!!

This is my adorable niece and nephew who I photographed while at home back in June. I did post a little sneak peek previously on the blog but I have only JUST finished all the images now! What a slacker!! I've been so busy with work that I wasn't expecting since I should have been winding down as this pregnancy is swiftly reaching it's 40 week mark that I put these on the back burner....gotta love family right!? lol, my bro & sis are probably cursing me but I know they will still love me.

I just LOVE these two so much and Sariah was such a good model of all the clothes I brought her to try. Zacky....not so much but he was a darling while he lasted! Can't wait to get these on my site once my redesign is complete! Yes! Did I mention that I am redoing EVERYTHING!! So stay tuned!

Oh. I have waaay too many pics up here but I don't care! They are too cute!