Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catch up!!

Have you ever felt that you are finally catching up on all you've meant to do and then just as you are thinking it, something happens to get you forgetting that feeling in a heartbeat?! 

Well, thats exactly what has happened to me! I was all proud of myself that I had finally gotten ahead of the game with my editing and then my Mac decided to play games with me! I've taken it to the shop three times now and thankfully finally have it back but this sucker is heavy!! 

So now, thanks to that, I am forever behind in my shoots. sigh.....

I'm also forever behind on posts! So I wanted to add some shots taken of one of my bestest and greatest friends of all time, Sarah and her new makeup artist Sasha. These will be used for her fantastic website Book her and I promise you will be so happy you did!

I flew home just over a week ago and took these shots downtown Toronto. My brother Matt(who is also one of my assistants and a great photographer himself) works at this sweet tattoo parlour on Spadina that has an antique barber chair and checkered floor and I'm so happy he suggested it at the last minute and that the owner Greg was so compliant! (Thanks Greg!) So I definitely want to post plenty of these photos since they are such gorgeous girls but as I mentioned earlier I am forever behind! So here is what I've done so far and like I always say...more to follow!

Sarah and Sasha, Thanks for a fantastic afternoon! Wish we had more time that day!

This wall was so fantastic, again thanks to my bro Matt for letting me know where it was! Sasha had such a time keeping her leg from sliding down the wall! Gotta love those heels though!

The final pose of the afternoon and another great pair of shoes. Love ya Sarah!

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