Saturday, July 31, 2010

Michelle & Josh - Wedding!

Gosh! I don't know where to start! I feel like I have so much I can say about this lovely couple and their fantastic day....boy was it ever hard to sort thru images and find just a few to post for I think I have way too many on here but hopefully no one complains! They just had so many great shots and they were so fun to shoot I just kept shooting and shooting and I definitely have my work cut out for me narrowing down the images.

Let me just start with how much I love this couple! Michelle & Josh are so fun and relaxed, I had the privilege of shooting their engagements in the fall and I always love being able to get to know a couple and their style first like that. You can see some of the images on facebook and in a previous post. One of the things that I love is just how in love they are and how obvious it is, Josh reminds me so much of my own husband too, he has got to be the most patient and calm groom I have come across. And so polite!! lol, anyway, I was feeling a little daunted with how enormous their bridal party was, haha, I keep saying that but really it wasn't THAT big but they were all such a blast and so accomodating and I felt like I should be paying THEM for the honour to be a part of the experience.

I also had the great fortune to have my baby sister come and be my assistant which was such a blessing, I don't think anyone else could have handled this super prego perfectionist on such a long day. You can see some of Bekky's work here and I will post some of her images when I get thru all the editing.

The couple chose the breathtaking location of Canmore, AB....

Check out that view!!!!

I just adore their little girl's hair, I can't beleive she was such a joy in such heat!!!

I think Josh should be concerned that his groomsmen wanted to do this so

I don't know if you can see the kiss she is giving her man here but it's visible when blown up....I didn't even notice this until I started editing! So cute.

Ok....can you tell they are glad their pics are done????

Attached to her flowers is her something borrowed....and something old too I think but what a cute idea....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So I have been frantically editing photos trying not to miss any deadlines and even sent my son to a sitter for the mornings for a full week! Yikes, but as I edit the wedding images for Natalie & Marco (which will be ready in a few days, so check back for more. some are listed on a previous post) I am reminiscing about my own wedding a little as it was also at the Toronto LDS Temple. Different time of year, horrible dress mishaps, some same guests.... same rainy weather! Anyway! I am gonna do something I don't normally do but here are some of my own wedding images taken by my sis in laws daddy, Paul Bennett....a fantastic and very generous Muskoka area Photographer. Check him out here.

I just really wanted to see these again....good times!

Monday, July 19, 2010

John Family

A fantastic photographer and friend Liz Cranmer gave me a cool new spot to shoot here in Calgary a couple weeks ago and I am so thankful she shared!

You can check her out at and she makes the most amazing quilts and crafts that I wonder how it's possible when she has four little ones! But alas, maybe one day I can be that kind of multi-tasker! So jealous! Anyway, turns out this spot was less than 10 minutes from my house! Bonus!!! So I convinced the John family to be my first session at this decrepid and abandoned horse barn and it was so awesome!!

It rained, the wind was fierce and the mosquitos were out in full force but we still kept our ground and managed to get some great shots I think!! Here's a peek....Thanks so much John Family!

Can you tell the wind is picking up?!

They were so cold and wind blown here, it just wasn't working out! But I loved the shot anyway!!!

By this point the rain is coming down so we were stuck in the barn, the sun did come back out again but not before the kids were done with me! But I just love the stables in the background.