Monday, December 7, 2009


As an artist I am always dreaming up new ideas and for a limited time, will be looking for newborn models to help fulfill these visions by offering up a casting call!!

These casting call sessions will:
  • Be free of charge (however prints may be purchased at regular rates)
  • Be goaled towards capturing a single image/pose (but if time and patience permits, additional poses and images may be attempted)
  • Be held at either a studio, your home or an outdoor location of J.A.C.'s preference.
  • Require baby to be 2 weeks of age or younger.
If you or someone you know is interested and due between April and May 2010, Please contact me at

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kathy & Cameron

Thankfully Kathy and her son Cameron have allowed me to take their family photo every year for the last few years because they are so much fun to shoot! I always find their photos to be some of the best and there is never a limit to the amount of poses and smiling faces to choose from! Its always such a wonderful thing to be privileged to watch a family grow and be a part of their world for a moment!
Cameron never ceases to amaze me with how much of a little man he is becoming and especially since I have one of my own now, I am totally fascinated by his actions and his gorgeous little face! Kathy just never ceases to take my breath away as you will see below!

Thanks guys and I cant wait for next year! Oh! And for those who are always interested in the locations, this was taken at the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario! Gotta love it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zamar - Steve Stoddart

While I was in Toronto a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of shooting some photos for Zamar's upcoming album release. We wandered through Union Station and Kensington downtown where we wanted to capture some great moments of Zamar as he contemplates life and the emotional lyrics and music that will be featured on this second album.

He was definitely a trooper, and I hope he loves the shots we got that day. I can't wait to see and hear his new album which you can check out the link above once it gets released! In the meantime, check out the music from his first album "Reggae Praise".

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michelle & Josh

Since I am still quite new to Calgary and still trying to figure out all the great spots-Michelle and Josh had to help me out a little on where we should shoot their Esession. What a great choice! Fish creek Park turned out to have unlimited options and I was so impressed I headed back there a week ago to do my own family photo which you can see a shot from under my profile pic.

I couldn't believe how many photographers were there on both occasions! It was nuts, there is a fabulous red building with peeling paint and I'm sure I will visit it again but it definitely looks like every other photographer in the city likes it too! lol.

Michelle and Josh were such great sports, letting me mess around with them and figure out what I really wanted to capture. I am pretty happy with how the photos have turned out and am still working away at them but here is a preview. Thanks for a great time guys, can't wait to do the wedding in 2010!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crane family Pics 2009!

A couple weeks ago the gang (my hubby's family) agreed to do a last minute family shoot before things got super hectic like they always do around school time. So we headed off to Rundle Ruins which is in Victoria Park. It used to be a hospital made of Sandstone and I loved it! My little guy Cole thought it was pretty great too and actually looked at the camera believe it or not. 

Since I was the photographer and also in the shots, we were a little limited but Cole and I made a little game of running from the camera to the group and that kept him entertained! lol.

So here are a few of the images we took and I am pretty happy with em! Can't wait to get back to Ontario and do my fam too!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catch up!!

Have you ever felt that you are finally catching up on all you've meant to do and then just as you are thinking it, something happens to get you forgetting that feeling in a heartbeat?! 

Well, thats exactly what has happened to me! I was all proud of myself that I had finally gotten ahead of the game with my editing and then my Mac decided to play games with me! I've taken it to the shop three times now and thankfully finally have it back but this sucker is heavy!! 

So now, thanks to that, I am forever behind in my shoots. sigh.....

I'm also forever behind on posts! So I wanted to add some shots taken of one of my bestest and greatest friends of all time, Sarah and her new makeup artist Sasha. These will be used for her fantastic website Book her and I promise you will be so happy you did!

I flew home just over a week ago and took these shots downtown Toronto. My brother Matt(who is also one of my assistants and a great photographer himself) works at this sweet tattoo parlour on Spadina that has an antique barber chair and checkered floor and I'm so happy he suggested it at the last minute and that the owner Greg was so compliant! (Thanks Greg!) So I definitely want to post plenty of these photos since they are such gorgeous girls but as I mentioned earlier I am forever behind! So here is what I've done so far and like I always say...more to follow!

Sarah and Sasha, Thanks for a fantastic afternoon! Wish we had more time that day!

This wall was so fantastic, again thanks to my bro Matt for letting me know where it was! Sasha had such a time keeping her leg from sliding down the wall! Gotta love those heels though!

The final pose of the afternoon and another great pair of shoes. Love ya Sarah!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Caitlin & Ryan

So I'm pretty behind on all my photos editing, not to mention my blog posting! I'm still trying to get settled from this move and boy is it tough to move across Country! But enough whining!

I wanted to post a few pics from my cousin Ryan and his beautiful wife Cait's wedding which they thankfully allowed me to shoot! I know they are waiting patiently for me to edit the many, many photos we took so I wanted to get a few up here for them.

We shot in Oshawa on a very green golf course(which they always are and should be) and what a perfect day it was! Until it rained!! That put a damper on some shots I had planned out but thankfully it cleared up quickly and we were able to get a few more in before the dinner began.
It's all good though cuz you gotta love those overcast skies! Beats squinting in the sun anyday!