Monday, July 19, 2010

John Family

A fantastic photographer and friend Liz Cranmer gave me a cool new spot to shoot here in Calgary a couple weeks ago and I am so thankful she shared!

You can check her out at and she makes the most amazing quilts and crafts that I wonder how it's possible when she has four little ones! But alas, maybe one day I can be that kind of multi-tasker! So jealous! Anyway, turns out this spot was less than 10 minutes from my house! Bonus!!! So I convinced the John family to be my first session at this decrepid and abandoned horse barn and it was so awesome!!

It rained, the wind was fierce and the mosquitos were out in full force but we still kept our ground and managed to get some great shots I think!! Here's a peek....Thanks so much John Family!

Can you tell the wind is picking up?!

They were so cold and wind blown here, it just wasn't working out! But I loved the shot anyway!!!

By this point the rain is coming down so we were stuck in the barn, the sun did come back out again but not before the kids were done with me! But I just love the stables in the background.


Kristy Kay said...
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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

These turned out great! Fun to see the location used a little differently. Great Job Jody!