Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Peek!!

I call this a sneak peek because I have soooo many more images from this shoot I want to put up as soon as I get them all edited. But I really should be working on this one last as this is my niece and nephew and I have lots of other work I need to complete. I just couldn't resist, I love them and these pics too much!!!

They were such troopers and I will elaborate on that when I post some more but I definitely have the mosquito bites to prove it.

If there was ever any doubt that this is my brothers kid (which there wouldn't be because he is his clone minus mommy's eyes.) then this would seal the deal. He is shooing me away with the jedi force.

 So the shoes we bought for Sariah ended up not fitting and she had to stand in the dirt which I thought was pretty darn cute but she definitely did not!! We all took our shoes off and made sure we avoided goose poop and she endured the torture with grace!

This is by far my fave outfit of the day and I took sooo many pictures I just couldn't stop! I have no idea how I am gonna choose! Right now she is laughing at my dad giving my brother a noogie! Yes, it was a family affair! I was only visiting for 5 days so they helped me out with all my shoots!

Very last picture of the day!! Can you guess what she is saying?! "Please, please, please am I done?!?!"


Bekky, the unbloggy said...

I might actually be crying right now, they are the cutest kids that exist.

Anonymous said...

its true - they are super duper!
jenn :)