Friday, June 25, 2010

Sealing Session!

So a very wonderful friend of mine asked if I could do a family shoot for her when I came to visit Toronto a couple weeks ago. But this session had a very special significance! Her parents were sealed together in the LDS Toronto Temple and they wanted to document that monumental occasion.  Of course I said yes!

if you are unfamiliar with what being "sealed" means, here is a little itty bitty explanation. When a couple is married in the LDS temple, they are not only married for life but for eternity! Any children they then bring into the marriage will also be "sealed" to them for all eternity. Pretty wonderful thought eh?!? To be together forever with your family....and if you were already married outside of the temple and then become members of the church, you can then perform a simple ceremony in the temple to have that sealing ordinance upon your family.

Anyway, back to pictures!!!

I had a fantastic time and they were so patient with me, I had just stepped off the plane a couple hours earlier and filled my pregnant belly with food before heading right on over.

I sure hope they love these and can cherish the memory and the reminder that they are a forever family!!

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Susan Turnbull said...

Love this Family and Love the pictures!!