Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Squish

This is my darling 2 year old Colton. We call him The Squish or Squishy Boy because of the adorable cheeks he has! He let mommy find some new locations and test out some shots on him and thank goodness because he is too cute to pass by! Not that I'm biased or anything.

His wonderful Aunty Amanda came to help and distract and entertain as listening to Mommy when 2 years old and her face is behind a camera is not a priority! Thanks for that Mand! He was definitely a trooper and I don't know where we went that carried the bug but the next day he was the most sick he has ever been. We have actually gone the full two years of his life without ever being sick to his tummy which I think is pretty darn good! But I guess it was also about time and I have been nursing my poor little squish back to health all week. He's getting there. My oh my-I love that guy!

This was actually one of the last pictures of the day and I'm so glad he always has smiles for me!

I was starting to get the glazed over stare here but who cares? He is gorgeous anyway!

I don't know how but for some reason this boy LOVES wearing hats. He loved this one so much he wore it all night at home too.

Kinda the what do you expect from me face. It's so great for me to have these photos that I can not only say I took but because he has the most amazing expressions that I can never get over.

My fave, fave, fave image of the day. Why? I don't know really but I think it has something to do with the slick hair!

Aunty Amanda had a tiny little plastic star that came out of a kinder suprise and it was just what he needed to sit still! And the best part! You can't see it in the photos. He just looks like he is sitting all proper!


Barb said...

These pics are great. I love the curls.

Amber Merrill said...

I cant belive how curly his hair is!! AHH SO CUTE!

Jenny Joy said...

Okay, my favourites are definitely the ones with THE HAT!!! And it just makes it even better that he loves to wear it! He just looks like a teeny 1900's business man , hehe. He's so big, I hope he doesn't grow anymore, and just stays the same till we see him again! lol...maybe thats a little selfish of me. Beautiful pictures Jody. Can't wait to see my little baby in your posts:)