Monday, March 8, 2010

Crystal & Cal

I love Banff!!! Such a breathtaking and wonderful place to be married! my hubby and I had our honeymoon there and can't wait to go back. So it was such a pleasure to be out in the freezing cold to shoot Crystal & Cal's wedding as it brought back some fond memories! These two are from Washington but were looking for a winter wonderland wedding and boy did they get it!! The weather forecast kept changing so we weren't sure if there would even be snow on the ground as it had been pretty warm throughout the week. But as you'll see it was furiously snowing through most of the day. I think we still managed to capture some great shots and even though the snow my have been a little trying, it was a blast.

Now unfortunately, my mac has been wreaking some serious havoc on me lately and I am behind on my editing!! But hopefully these images are worth the wait and Crystal & Cal can smile as they remember that wonderland of a day!!!

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Ang said...

Beautiful pictures & a beautiful bride!!