Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo Art 2009

So every year I enter Photo Art which is a photography competition open to amateurs and professionals located in the Halton Hills area or members of the HHCC. I am also a volunteer on the committee and this year I got to design the slideshow presentation on awards night. That was pretty fun and definitely new! There are several categories and I managed to snag a few awards!

So here are the images that I won awards for! 

The judges were so hard on this image!! haha, well, they didn't score it very well....but I spent hours and hours creating it so I needed to show it off somewhere!! This is Sienna, born back in Oct 08 and the hand belongs to me!
This image titled "Gerbera Shine" didn't win any awards but it made it to the gallery wall to be displayed all month at the Halton Hills Cultural Centre.
This image titled "Charcoal Gaze" won 1st place in the "Creative Digital" category. It's also a self portrait!
This image taken on vacation in Puerto Vallarta this year titled "Mexican Cathedral" won 2nd place in the "Scenery & Architecture" B&W category.
This image of my little sis, titled "Duchess" won 3rd place in the "People, Creatures & Critters" colour category.
This image titled "Daydream" didn't win any awards but it made it to the Gallery Wall and is being displayed all month with the winning entries.

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